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Our Current Trailers

  • The Deliemma
  • Cowboys and Aliens
  • Drive Angry
  • Just Go With It
  • Source Code
  • The Mechanic
  • Transformers 3
  • Limitless

What is Bubble TV

Bubble TV provides a lifestyle marketing solution to advertisers by utilizing a broadcast quality network which delivers entertainment to reach the out-of-home (OOH) consumer via secure high definition (HD) digital screen in multiple venues. Our clean consistent family friendly content is created through the innovative blending and layering of motion video and animation. This product enhances all waiting room or retail environments and allows for branding and advertising exposure.


  • Pure Fitness is now featuring Bubble TV at all their locations in the Valley.

  • Honey Bears BBQ on Central is now featuring Bubble TV.

  • Bubble TV has established a strategic alliance with Text Movie Club who will be sponsoring all of Bubble TV's trivia.

  • Bubble TV has signed SupplementsToGo.com as an advertiser over the entire Bubble TV network.

  • Bubble TV has now achieved 550,000 impressions over our current network.

  • Bubble TV's press release in National Trade Magazine, Professional Car Wash and Detailing.

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  • Bubble TV is pilot testing 10 sites in Phoenix Arizona

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  • Bubble TV's internal surveys reveal a 25% increase in their digital screen awareness from the consumer and a 54% recall of content from customers watching their exclusive and unique content.

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  • Phoenix FBI has partnered with Bubble TV to run "Most Wanted" ads and other community service information

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